– 2nd Month: Sunday, March 31st –



Aiming to keep the professional and amateur Quake® scene active throughout the year, KeenCon is launching the KeenCon Team Series, a series of monthly online tournaments played in pairs, starting on 2nd March.

Played in a single division on double-elimination playoff, the seeding will be made based on the SR score of the highest ranked player of each team at the end of each month. The minimum ranking is Gold, so almost everyone can register and compete monthly for a chance to win monetary prizes and score points that will determine the top 8 teams with a direct entry into Barcelona KeenCon 2024.

The monthly prizepool is 350€ distributed as follows:

1st – €250 + 50% Donations –
2nd – €100 + 35% Donations –
3rd – €50 + 15% Donations –

The points reward is based on the final position of each pair at the end of each monthly playoff, with a distribution of:

1st – 10 points –
2nd – 7 points –
3rd – 6 points –
4th – 5 points –
5th 6th – 4 points –
7th 8th – 3 points –
9th – 12th – 2 points –
12th+ – 1 point –

At the end of the regular season, the top 8 teams will get a direct entry into the only competition to be held during Barcelona KeenCon 2024, a 2V2 LAN tournament with 16 slots and a prizepool of €10,000. A €250 grant will also be given to each qualified player to cover the costs of the trip to Barcelona.


Monthly 2V2 online tournaments in a double-elimination format.


Players from all countries are welcome in the tournament, but to be eligible you must be able to attend the Barcelona KeenCon 2024 in Barcelona (Spain) in person.

Tournament exclusively for adults (+18 years old).

All the players are required to have an active ranking.

One change of partner is allowed during the whole season.
The new pair will start with 0 points in the Regular League.

All teams should have official names. Non-appropriate names are not allowed.


For each monthly playoff, we will open registrations at the beginning of that month, and the categories accessible to each player will be based on the SR scores obtained up to the last date of the previous month.

All players must register each month to reserve a slot in each Team Series competition.


Team Series Calendar:

– Month 01: Saturday, March 2nd –

– Month 02: Saturday, April 6th –

– Month 03: Saturday, May 4th –

– Month 04: Saturday, June 8th –

– Month 05: Saturday, July 6th –

– Month 06: Saturday, August 3rd –

– Month 07: Saturday, September 7th –

The SR ranking will be reset on 8th February.

For the first KeenCon Team Series event on 2nd March, SR scores for the month of February will be counted. For the Team Series in April, scores up to the month of March, and so on.


Top 8 teams at the end of the regular season will qualify for the 2v2 LAN tournament which will be celebrated during the BARCELONA KEENCON 2024 (1-3 Nov. 2024)

The 2024 Barcelona KeenCon 2V2 LAN will consist of 16 slots that will be filled by the top 8 pairs of the Team Series Regular League and, for the remaining 8 slots, by open registration or after a 2V2 LAN Challenger tournament in case the entries exceed the places.

The 2024 Barcelona KeenCon 2v2 LAN will have a 10.000€ prizepool, to be increased via donations.

Each player will receive a support of 250€ to help defray the costs of the trip to Barcelona.